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Nicole Crispin, Elegant Aesthetics Founder

The story of Elegant Aesthetics starts with Nicole. 

Hello! I'm Nicole Crispin, the founder and sole beautician at Elegant Aesthetics.

My journey into the beauty industry began long before Elegant Aesthetics came to life.
As a child, I was the quintessential 'girly girl,' always finding ways to indulge in self-care. Little did I know that this love for pampering would shape my future career.

In the summer of 2021, I took the first step towards pursuing my passion by getting my Eyelash Extensions Certificate. It was here that my love for the beauty industry truly ignited. Lash by lash, I've witnessed the transformative power beauty services can have, leaving clients feeling like their most radiant and confident selves.

But my journey didn't stop at lashes. I've been working tirelessly towards becoming a well-rounded beauty expert. I recently completed my hair stylist diploma at Voila Institute, my Manicure Certificate and Makeup Course at Gina's College, and my Spray Tan Certificate at Sunna Tan.

Elegant Aesthetics is more than a business—it's a heartfelt celebration of your unique elegance. My mantra, "Embrace Your Elegance," is at the core of everything I do. I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring each visit becomes a moment for you to fully embody and elevate your natural beauty.

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